Tomas Halik

By Tomas Halik, in 14-09-2011

Tomas Sedlacek's “Economics of Good and Evil” is well-founded, very competent and understandable. It is readable and at the same time understandable to a wide audience of thinking people. That is why this book can provoke a debate on fundamental issues in society – a debate which has not taken place in the Czech Republic thus far, and its necessity will soon be emphasised by the situation on the global (and therefore our own)economy. At a time when the political scene is threatened by narrow economic pragmatism and reductionism, Tomáš Sedlá?ek shows a way out in the exact opposite direction: In the ability to perceive a moral and cultural “biosphere” in economics and to pay attention to ethical principles. Ignorance of these influenced the process of the current crisis with effects and risks that have until now been only been hinted at. Careful study of this book should be part of civic upbringing and education at all levels. Laypersons and the expert public can enjoy reading this book, and last but not least, it should be a guide for all those who speak in the media on socioeconomic topics and therefore influence public opinion. I consider Tomáš Sedlá?ek's book to be excellent and immensely necessary.